We are a film production company that stands for emotional, high-quality video content. Emotions are our DNA. We capture emotions. We create emotions. We make emotional content available – for people, brands, and products.

We are always inspired by the big picture as well as by finding that one perfect detail shot, that turns a movie into emotional content. We are not a Hollywood production company, but we are professional and passionate perfectionists when it comes to creating the content for our customers. And, like in racing, we work in a great team, never give up and always cross the finish line.

Our home is the Nürburgring race track, one of the most emotional hot spots in the world. Countless heroes and fans, victories and tragedies, race actions, concerts and sport events have built this legend – and we take this spirit with us everywhere we go on production. We believe that storytelling is an essential part of emotional brand building. And nothing is more emotional than a good movie.

Of course, we love cars, racing, and everything that comes with it. However, believe it or not, above all we love to film other things too. Food, boats, touristic destinations, technical processes, or architecture.