Our headquarters are directly located at the Nürburging racetrack. It has a great view of the start and finish lines. We have built the headquarter of our production infrastructure and administrative offices.

From here, we manage live productions on the racetrack, coordination of film crews around the track, hosting commentators, distribution of signals internationally, and production of all kinds of formats during and after the live coverage.

It is also the place where all the hidden magic happens after we return from the production in the field. You don’t have to worry about digital mastering, augmented reality, voice-overs, and all the technical stuff because it is done here - in the most professional environment and with a lot of passion.

Our infrastructure includes cameras, communication devices, live stream technology, graphics, and editorial devices. The fiber-based technology can also be used fully remote.

Our equipment is completely mobile and our setup can be adapted to the requirements of any project. We never say "too far" to any location because traveling is our passion.

So, when you visit the most legendary racetrack in the world, come by the studio for a coffee.

We bring virtual worlds to life in our green screen studio and combine them with real events.

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