Mobile Production

Our mobile production units consist of cam cars, 4K portable cameras, drones, onboard camera equipment, and everything you need for a high-quality image movie, a documentary, or a live stream. The only thing we need to rent extra is a helicopter.

Our infrastructure includes cameras, communication devices, live stream technology, graphics, and editorial devices. The fiber-based technology can also be used fully remote and in mobile setups around the world.


We have worked with press departments, media, and journalists. We are also very experienced in the documentation of live events, e.g. sports challenges, press conferences, interviews, and other newsworthy happenings.

Media Training

We have worked in sports and entertainment with so many different people, talents, and characters, and we have built profound knowledge of how people and cameras should interact better. Our commentators, editors, train athletes, managers, and officials improve their performance in interviews, speeches, and presentations on a day-to-day basis.


High-quality image films are the favorite discipline of our creative staff. Films that tell a story and capture the spirit of the brand or company. We always find the right mixture of authenticity and staging cinematic effects to create the right image.


Our studio and our mobile production units have the technology and experience to live stream and broadcast any event in line with international standards to any TV station or internet platform.

Augmented Reality

For sports broadcasting, documentary movies, or product presentations we use augmented reality to include additional information or to add emotional effects, e.g. graphics, statistics, animations, or different product versions.


We are part of the international media community and have a lot of personal connections to TV stations, influencers, digital news platforms, and magazine editors. If you need assistance in distributing your content and connecting it to the right target groups, generating relevant reach numbers, and being seen in your core markets - we are more than happy to help with that.

“Aaaand action”. We love to film. We create moving images of people, products, locations, buildings, events, and literally anything that can be caught with a camera.

The content is “made to measure” to be used where our customers want to connect with their target groups: linear or digital TV, social media, internet platforms, live streams, movie screens, digital billboards, or cinematic projections.

We produce everywhere. While our studio is located at the Nürburgring track we have mobile production units that can be utilized all around the globe. We have been to the Arctic circle, the deserts of Dubai, the streets of Tokyo, the seas of Portugal, and the skyscrapers of Frankfurt. Of course, we have also been to almost any racetrack in the world for racing, car presentations, and other events.